Net Communications Reseller FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1) I am signed up as a reseller but am not sure what to do now, how does this all work?

You need to have a customer who requires a domain name, email and web hosting. Once you have the customer and have sold them the services according to your normal sales procedures you will then login to the Net Communications Reseller Control Panel and register them one or more new domain names. Once you have the domain you need to setup the name servers to use our reseller server and then create the customer as a new customer in your WHM (Web host Manager). Once you have created the customer in WHM you will then be able to login and administer the services via cPanel, before setting up the customers’ client programs such as Outlook, Firefox and Internet Explorer.

x) What web browser should I use when I log in to the Reseller Control Panel? Why doesn’t Firefox work? At the moment the authors of WHM and cPanel rely on web programming that appears to only work in Microsoft Internet Explorer so for the moment please don’t use Firefox or any web browser other than Internet Explorer.

x) What is WHM? WHM stands for Web Host Manager and it is the software we run to allow you to manage your customers via your web browser. You can access WHM by pointing your web browser to and logging in with the username and password that we assigned you when you first signed up as a reseller.

x) What is cPanel? cPanel stands for control panel and is the software that your customers (and you) use to manage and maintain their own internet services. You can access cPanel by pointing your web browser to and logging in with the username and password that YOU assigned when you first created the new customer.

x) How do I register a new domain name? This service is coming soon – In the meatime please contact us.

x) I have registered a domain name, what DNS servers should I use? Using the domain name management tool you can create a new DNS server based on your domain name. You should create and and point them to and respectively.

x) How does the billing work? Will you bill my customers? We will bill you on a monthly basis for any packages that you create on our reseller server as per our reseller pricing here. It is then up to you to bill your customers for the package and any other services you provide as you see fit. We will never have any contact with your customers: your customers are for you to manage and support.

x) How do I add a customer so that they can use webspace and email addresses? You need to register or transfer a domain and update it with the correct DNS servers (see above) then login to WHM and click on “Create New Account”. You need to assign a domain name, username (max 8 chars) and password and assign a package from our list of packages then click on create. You or your customer will then be able to login to cPanel and administer the domain name.

x) How do I set up an email address/webspace/change a password/etc Once you have got a domain name and have set up the customer in WHM either you or your customer can login to cPanel on and administer the customer accounts. You will need to login with the username and password that you setup in WHM and from there you will be able to administer the account, setup email accounts, FTP accounts, mailing lists and various other features.

x) How do I transfer a domain to you You will need to contact Net Communications Technical Support who can request the domain name and put it onto your reseller profile. Transfering domain names can be tricky as there are many different domain hosting companies so this is the one part of this service that is best handled by our trained professionals.

x) I have forgotten my reseller password, how can I retrieve it? If you have forgotten your reseller password you will need to call us to reset it on 01603 444444. If you have forgotten your password then we would just like to catch up and have a friendly chat to make sure that you are OK with the services. Any other questions that aren’t answered here? Email us. Back to the Reseller Homepage

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