Net Communications Reseller Services Terms and Conditions

“Us” is defined as Net Communications.
“You” is defined as the reseller as detailed in your inital application to us.
“Your customers” is defined as any person or business that you resell our services to.
“Control Panel” services include any services that we give to you either through a web browser or over the telephone.

1) Any domains names that you register through our reseller control panels, either on purpose or accidently through human or computer error, will be paid for in full by you as a reseller with no exceptions.

2) You as the reseller will be responsible for ensuring that your customers have adequate technical support. Net Communications will not support your customers directly.

3) Net Communications will provide enough technical support to you as a reseller to ensure that you are able to register domain names and control your customers services.

4) You will not do business with any customer that is a present customer of Net Communications or has used Net Communications services in the previous 12 months.

5) You or any of your customers will not send UCE or other spam through our services.

6) You will be responsible for billing your customers as you see fit.

7) Any abuse of the service will not be tolerated and your account will be terminated without notice and no refunds will be given.

8) All our normal terms and conditions as per the main Net Communications website still apply.

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